From the 6th year of life, fundamentally associated with the piano, which from the outset sought various harmonic solutions, reflecting the sound of the orchestra… but it was not enough. The next level was the pipe organ. Playing this instrument taught divided musical attention, which in the next level of life was to start learning the ‚bands’ resulted in lightness and ease in achieving the initial objectives.

First there was the choir, second – the orchestra. While choral instilled in him a passion for creating music team, so much the orchestra, which originally appeared somewhere beyond the reach of power and skill, effectively ensnared in a great passion for – in the context of restorative material but also creative in the context of interpretation – the real, band music.

Apparently workaholism has no reason to exist if the work is a passion in life. Apparently freedom is the ability to influence decisions about what we do in life, with a high intensity and how we have priorities. Apparently happiness is nothing but a summing plane of freedom, passion and love. That’s all you can find in music and way of life. And here we can say that the circle is closed, as it is lucky, a bit of knowledge and musical intuition allows you to create a piece like this, to have an effect on the emotions of audience. And if all this is possible to realize, is an essential goal we have achieved.

Musical sensitivity is one thing and the knowledge gained during a three master classes (two times in Romania and Hungary once) is another thing. Immutable elements of musical life is work as a pipe organist in Malbork; artistic collaboration with musical universities in Poland and in Istanbul (Atatürk Eğitim Fakültesi – Marmara Üniversitesi) and many artistic projects separately. The most important in career was the recordings of Beethoven’s symphonies in Berlin, feast organized by the Dutch Royal Family in Amsterdam and completed concerts in Asia, Middle East, Spain, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Belarus, Macedonia, Serbia, Czechia, USA, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania.

Notoriously running of many works is a recipe for freshness and quality of our commitment in professionalism. Frequent trips must have blood to live in friendship with them, tolerate and derive pleasure from it, despite the notoriously full scheduler. But at the same time we have to keep at it all the pretty huge distance to the world and it’s current problems and – out of respect for the profession, effectively cancel the elements which could destabilize our own emotional space.

I hope to see you soon and hope to cooperate with you in future. Feel free to contact with me anytime.